Proof of Concept-3d and live footage

Proof of Concept- Textures/UV/Lights

Proof of Concept- Textures/UV/Lights

Assets- UV Maps/Textures

Blick Model and color breakdown

Rigging and shape studies

Color Studies

Graphic illustration studies

Artistic graphic/Splash page


Dick Blick Mock Ad

A speculative commercial ad created in a 24 hour period.  Contributions- Textured 3d assets, Lighting, Animation, Render sequence compositing.

Guinea Worm Prevention Mock PSA

A small team animation put together by myself and 4 of my classmates, Angela, Alfonzo, and Dominique. It shows the brief lifecycle of the Guinea worm and how to prevent it.

Contributions- General compiling (music, font, etc) background, color cohesion, logos, and splash page.

Guinea Worm Prevention


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